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                      Place Sur Les Pistoles a' Air

10 Meter  Air pistols and Metallic Air Gun Silhouette

              When I am not doing Knotwork I like to shoot Air Pistols and Air Rifles.  I have a big back yard in the country and I have a range set up for Air Rifles and Air Pistols and have lights for night shooting.


                     Pardini K12
                              Open Sights


             Steyr Evo 10

       with Burris Fastfire III Optic


           Feinwerkbau Model 65 MKI   
           Long Barrel 


                         Pardini K12

          with Custom Scope Mount


           Feinwerkbau Model 65 MKII
           Short Barrel 


Airgun Metallic Silhouette Targets Pigs and Chickens




 Airgun Metallic Silhouette Targets Rams and Turkeys


Tin Cans at 60' to 150'


10 Meter Target Box Night and Day shooting


Target Boxes for Rifles or Pistols

The target boxes have 1/4" steel back plates.  The thick Steel deadens the noise of impact.  The 10 Meter Box is backed with Duct Putty 2" Thick