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A Maritime Cat o' Nine Tails was used to administer punishment in the Royal Navy and was used by many a Ship's Captain to Maintain order and discipline in the crew. They were made of rope and were 2 1/2  to 3 1/2 feet long with a rope handle and 9 thongs and could have blood knots tied in the end of each thong.  There was no set way to make a Maritime Cat o' Nine Tails.  They could be made Brutally efficient, especially if soaked in saltwater before use, or tied Mercifully in-efficient.  It is said they were deep sixed  after use.  Some Cat's had Whale-Bone or Wooden handles that had the 9 thongs lashed on which made it easy to change them when needed.
I now offer Cat o' Nine Tails that are made with Natural Hemp that has not been Tarred with the Stockholm Tar.  I call them Blonde Cats as opposed to Tarred Cat's which are dark brown. 



     #1 Simple Cat with a twisted Grip and Tarred



   # 2 Cat with a Turk's Head Grip and Tarred



   #3 Cat with a Turk's Head Grip and a Matthew Walker Knot and Tarred



    #4 Fancy Cat with a lashed Grip, Matthew Walker and a 9 Strand Sinnet Knot and Tarred


      # 5 Cat with Turkshead grip. 9 Strand Sinnet, Matthew Walker and Doubled Wall & Crown Knots


         # 3  Simple Blonde Cat 


 A #4  Fancy Blonde Cat 


 Three Strand BraidedThongs 


Blood Knots On Thong Ends 


Fancy grip with Nine strand Sinnet, Matthew Walker Knot and a Lashed Grip


 A Blonde Roman Catholic Cuerda  24"


A Tarred Wood Handle Cat