A Maritime Cat o' Nine Tails was used to administer punishment in the Royal Navy and was used by many a Ship's Captain to Maintain order and discipline in the crew. They were made of rope and were 2  1/2  to 3  1/2 feet long with a rope handle and 9 thongs and could have blood knots tied in the end of each thong.  There was no set way to make a Maritime Cat o' Nine Tails.  They could be made Brutally efficient, especially if soaked in saltwater before use, or tied Mercifully in-efficient.  It is said they were deep sixed  after use.  Some Cat's had Whale-Bone or Wooden handles that had the 9 thongs lashed on which made it easy to change them when needed.
I now offer Cat o' Nine Tails that are made with Natural Hemp that has not been Tarred with the Stockholm Tar.  I call them Blonde Cats as opposed to Tarred Cat's which are dark brown. 



     #1 Simple Cat with a twisted Grip and Tarred



   # 2 Cat with a Turk's Head Grip and Tarred



   #3 Cat with a Turk's Head Grip and a Matthew Walker Knot and Tarred



    #4 Fancy Cat with a lashed Grip, Matthew Walker and a 9 Strand Diamond Sinnet Knot and Tarred


      # 5 Cat with Turkshead grip. 9 Strand Diamond Sinnet, Matthew Walker and Doubled Wall & Crown Knots


           Simple Blonde Cat 


  Fancy Blonde Cat 


 Three Strand BraidedThongs 


Blood Knots On Thong Ends 

I received the Cat today in the mail.  The Photo that you have on your site, barely does this implement any justice at all.  This is the most beautiful Cat o' Nine that I have ever seen.  I normally hand in a receipt for props.  They then demand that I surrender all that I have purchased with their money at the end of the job.  All the props then just sit in a warehouse never to be seen again.  I am not handing in the receipt and I am paying for this item myself, just so I can keep it.  It's going on my wall with my collection.  It is so beautifully crafted.  I suggest that you charge more for this item in future and consider having larger photos on your site.  Thank You for getting this to me on time.... Cheers..........John


Fancy grip with Nine strand Sinnet, Matthew Walker Knot and a Lashed Grip


 A Blonde Roman Catholic Cuerda  24"


A Tarred Wood Handle Cat