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I supply ready- made and pre-fitted Glass Float Nets for most sizes of Floats.  They are available in Premium Manila Rope,  Premium White Cotton Rope, Premium Hemp Rope and Sisal Rope. Prices vary for type of rope and size of float. The Net style is Japanese Long-Line.  The Buyer can place the Float inside the Net and then finish it using the instructions available on this Site.  The Diameter of the Rope used is determined by the size of the float.  Nets can be made for 1.5" diameter floats up to 12" Diameter.  The price for a 10" Float Net of 1/4" Manila is $44.50.    A 12" Net is $46.50  Nets bigger than 12" are done with 3/8" Manila and are $95.00


      1/4" Premium White Cotton Rope


        Net Ready for Float


        1/4"  Premium Manila Rope


      Float inside Ready-Made Manila Net


    Float inside Ready-Made Cotton Net


      Manila Nets Ready to go