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Knot Tying Tools  for Marlinspike Work

In order to be succesful in tying some of the more complex knots one has to have the proper tools, especially for small work.  Unfortunately, these tools are very hard to come by so most knot tyers make their own.  I find that deer antler tips, which come in all sizes and can be shaped on the tip end to suit the task,  make the very best fids.  Looped tools are also very important to have.  Wooden fids are very easy to make, with the best made from tight-grained hardwood.  Tools are available from Batjak from time to time and they are usually fine-tuned to the task. 
Net needles and net gauges are used to make nets.  A net gauge is required to maintain proper mesh size.

I will make individual tools and tool sets to order.  The tools pictured are for 2mm  to 3/8" rope.  I can make tools for bigger work  Net Gauges can be ordered for any size Net mesh. Net mesh Size is twice the width of the net Gauge.  All pointed tools are dangerous and can hurt the user and damage the work.  These are not intended for children


               7"  Deer Antler Fids


                        3"  to  6"  Antler Fids


                        8" Antler Fids


                         7" Swedish Fids


                  Swedish Fid on top Fid is 11"


               4" to 9" Wood Fids of Various Exotic Hardwoods.  Ebony, Rosewood, Bocote, Etc.


                 6" Stainless Steel Tweakers


    5" to 7"  Looped Pulling Tools for Fine and Small Work


Net Gauges and Net Needles are used together to make a Net with a consistent sized mesh

A set of three different Fids   

Deer Antler

Sargasso Wood

Lignum Vitae